How We Work | Image Post Production Services
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How We Work


  • 1. Establishing Contact

    • Through Our Website (Contact Form)
    • A salesperson will get In touch with you.
    • by Phone
    • by Email

  • 2. Requirement

    • Understanding your detail requirement.
    • Foresight Estimate (Where Possible)
    • Approval
    • Executing Pilot Project/Sample (If required)

  • 3. Pricing and Contracting

    • Proposal
    • Confirmation
    • Contracting
    • SLA (If required)

  • 4. Execution

    • Executing the Workflow On production Floor
    • Meeting for Progress Reports (Kick-Off Meeting)

  • 5. Feedback

    • Getting Feedbacks from you.
    • Arranging the Workflow according to your feedback.


  1. Our Team has highly qualified professionals, having more than 20+ years of experience in post production Industries.
  2. We are having 70+Mbps of Internet Connectivity and the Failover backup line.
  3. Our Local Intranet is interconnected with 1Gbps of network and having 10Gbps of Fiber uplink.
  4. Our Operators are Equipped with Intel Core i7, Mac Systems, and UltraSharp Monitors.
  5. 60TB+ Storage with a failover cluster.
  6. Highly Secured Production Environment, with Domain Controller and Network Security

Quality Policy

  1. Our Quality policy is measured in terms of the client Instruction. Achieving the client satisfaction 100% is the prime motto of our quality policy.
  2. We are having Three Tier quality Control Process before the Final Delivery as shown in Below Figure

How We Work 1