Portrait | Image Post Production Services
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Portrait Retouching can be a very time consuming task. Taking into consideration that a portrait must show the personality and moods of the person all the while being appealing. We work according to the needs of the photographer and bring out the best features depending on where the photo is being utilized.

This service is further divided in three categories suiting different needs:


A generalised retouching where you can get all the basic fixes done.

  1. Reduction of bags under the eyes
  2. Teeth whitening
  3. Removal of stray hair
  4. Removal of moles and skin defects
  5. Background dust removal and enhancement

  • Before-Generalised
    Before Generalised After
  • Before-Generalised
    Before Generalised After


A specialised service for an in depth processing of the portraits; you can get the following features in this particular service.

  1.  Slimming effect
  2.  Face enhancement
  3.  Add or remove person
  4. Red eye removal and vignette
  5. Removal of hairs and wrinkles
  6.  Removal of wrinkles from apparels
  7.  Removal of unwanted objects from the image

  • Before-Specialised
    Before Specialised After